My wine career began in 2004, at a wine museum in London Bridge called Vinopolis. A fabulous, fun place to start in wine, full of plastic busts of ancient greek physicians bellowing out the benefits of a glass of wine. I can still hear Hippocrates now…

It was at Vinopolis that I began as a student on the WSET wine program, a series of courses appropriate for all lovers of wine, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts. I found the course such a joy that I hoped one day I might teach it myself.

After ten years of working in the London wine trade, writing for various national publications, running a sell out, nationally and internationally acclaimed pop up restaurant “whizzbangpop” and starting a series of mini wine festivals called The Wine Sessions, I left to see for myself if life in Italy was as good as it looked to me to be, from the stories I’d heard, the dishes I’d served, and the wines I poured.

La vita IS sweet here. If you are a food and wine lover, it is perfect - you are rarely out of sight of a vineyard or out of earshot of a conversation about how to cook this or that. You are always within reach of good coffee.

In 2016 I began hosting wine retreats. Combining all the things essential for a good holiday, a beautiful place to stay, a top chef cooking, the option of some exercise (even if just to contemplate and then enjoy declining!) the possibility of some decent sight seeing, and most important - excellent wines to learn about, taste and drink, in the company of other like minded souls.